Available Offices

Mint Business Centre’s Available Offices

Office 10 (3.4m x 3.2m) is suitable for 1-2 people and is furnished.

Office 11 (4.5m x 3m) would suit 1-3 people and is furnished.

Office 18 (4.3m x 3.8m) large window this very professional office is made to impress

Office 21 (3m x 3m) opposite office 20 this office would be a perfect space for management who need to be close to their colleagues but also need their own space.

Office 22 (3m x 3m) is a private office that is exactly what the person who needs their own space requires.

For more information contact our office 02 4944 2000, email info@mintbc.com.au or send us an enquiry