Avoiding Business Burnout

If you think of your business as your baby, you’re not alone. Especially if you love what you do. The problem with this mindset is we often struggle to get away from work and spend a lot of our ‘personal’ time working on our business too. When we spend the majority of our time working, […]

How To Overcome Overwhelm

I’m sure you’ve experienced, those days where you just feel stuck and you’re drowning in your to-do lists. Your mind feels incredibly busy but yet, you’re not being productive at all. I think we’ve all been there, I definitely have. I have found that there are two things that help immensely on those days. They […]

Are You Missing Motivation Within Your Business?

Whilst we are now definitely within the depths of 2021, you may still be feeling the exhaustion from 2020 (the year of bushfires, pandemics and constant business struggles). Running your own business can be incredible at times, but as any business owner quickly learns, there are times you may struggle to find the motivation to […]

How To Say No In Business

“If you say no in business, this will allow you to say yes to other opportunities.” A mentor said this very simple sentence to me years ago and it has stuck with me since. If we were all able to learn about our strengths and weaknesses, set our boundaries and focus on the growth we […]

Self-Care As A Business Owner

Working for ourselves is often the dream. We spend our time, money and energy creating and molding our dream into a business and during the process, a lot of us forget about the most important part of the business – ourselves. It happens to many of us because we are focused on all of the […]