Client Feature – Industry Training Consultants & Agent Safe

What is your name and position at Industry Training Consultants / Agent Safe? George Rousos Managing Director/Training Consultant and Compliance Coach. What does Industry Training Consultants / Agent Safe do? Industry Training Consultants is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO#45537) offering nationally recognised training to the property agents sector in New South Wales. ITC provides more than your typical training services. […]

Client Feature – Stevens Conveyancing

What is your name and position at Stevens Conveyancing? Leah Stevens, Licensed Conveyancer and owner of Stevens Conveyancing. What does Stevens Conveyancing do? Think of us as your professional hand-holders when you buy and sell residential property in NSW.  Buying and selling property can be an overwhelming experience as there are many parties to deal […]

Client Feature – You Therapy Services

What is your name and position at You Therapy Services? Laura Vogelzang – I am an Occupational Therapist and the Director of the business. What does You Therapy Services do? We offer Occupational Therapy services in the community with the primary goal of keeping people in their own homes and out of institutionalised care. We […]

How we helped a business grow from a team of one to a team of five with 100’s of clients

We began working with a local podiatrist in 2014, at the time, he was a one-man team and was interested in expanding his business and was open to bringing on more staff members if needed. Now, in 2023, the same business has a team of 5 and hundreds of clients on file whom they see […]