Meet Emma – Director and Owner of Mint Business Centre


Everybody, meet Emma! Emma is the Director and Owner of Mint Business Centre đź‘‹

I sat down to interview Emma recently and am excited to share her answers with you.

What is your favourite thing about working at Mint BC?
My staff and clients. I feel really blessed to have the staff I have. Mint Business Centre wouldn’t be as successful or function as well without them. I also love the variety of clients we have at Mint Business Centre. I love to learn about what people do and owning Mint Business Centre has allowed me to learn little bits about many different businesses. 

What is your favourite quote?
We can’t control how people interact with us but we can control how we interact with them. 

What are you proud of in your life?
I know it’s cliché but I really am proud of my family. In 2012 I met my husband and we have successfully blended our two families. All of our children are happy and growing into their own lives. 

What is your goal at Mint BC?
As the Director of Mint Business Centre, I want to see the business grow and develop into Newcastle’s leading Business Centre. Mint Business Centre offers a variety of services to assist businesses large and small. Our services are flexible to meet individual business needs and we are always updating our services to keep up with advances in business and technology.