Preparing your business for the holidays

Heading into the last month of the year always seems a little daunting. We know things are about to get busy, overwhelming and we may feel stressed out at times.

Whether your business shuts down for a few weeks or simply closes for public holidays, there are several things you can do to have a seamless and effortless holiday season.

Order supplies

Depending upon your business, you will have a range of things which you use regularly and need to order in.

This may be stock, stationary or goods from the supermarket. You may also be hosting a Christmas party or giving gifts to your clients.

Whatever you are needing to order, try to order everything at the beginning of December. This allows plenty of time for your orders to arrive and to change/ return anything if you need.

Bonus tip: Take a look at your orders from December in previous years. This will help you to get a gauge on what you may need during the next few busy weeks.


If you are in an office or store environment, try to decorate as much as you can. Christmas decorations help clients and customers feel more at home and psychologist Steve McKeown says it does make people happier.

Create and advertise your holiday hours

All businesses will have slightly different hours and schedules during the holiday season. It’s important for customers and clients to know when and how they can reach you if they need too.

Set aside some time in your schedule this week to decide on your holiday hours. Your holiday hours should be on your website, social media accounts and on the door of your office/ shop (if applicable).

Check your marketing campaign

As we head into the busiest month of the year, your marketing campaign should be set and extremely clear.

Consider why customers and clients should spend time with your business this year? Build your holiday marketing campaign around how you and your business can solve their problems during the busiest month of the year.

Your marketing campaign should involve paid advertising, social media posts and email marketing (if applicable).

Try to remember that the holiday season is fun and important to families, so how can you bring that into your marketing?


The Christmas period and the holiday season should be enjoyed, both as a business and individual.

As a business owner, I know it can get overwhelming during these next few weeks, so my most important tip for you is to outsource.

Find a business who can temporarily take over some of your tasks for you while you enjoy your break. Let this maid service from Florida take care of your home while you’re resting. The most important part of your business is you so create the time and space in your month to spend it doing things you love with people you love.

If you would like to discuss what tasks we can take over for you during the holiday season, please give us a call on (02) 4944 2000.

I hope these few tips have helped you create a fun, easy plan to deal with the holidays.

Merry Christmas & happy holidays everybody!