Tips for business owners to get better sleep

Sleep is usually the first thing that gets sacrificed when life gets busy. As business owners, we can all agree that we live busy lives. We are always running through to-do lists so we may decide that staying up later or waking up earlier is the answer to our problems. But how long can we live productive, happy lives with only five hours of sleep each night?

We have some tips that will help you, as a business owner, get better sleep.

  1. Your last job at work should help schedule the next day

When finishing up your work for the day, ensure your last task is always something that helps set the next day up for success. My favourite thing to do is create a to-do list for the next day. This ensures that when I leave the office, my mind is clear of all of the tasks (because they’re physically written down) but also helps me get productive from the moment I start to work the next day.

  1. Delegate and trim down your workplace responsibilities

Whether you have just launched your business or your upscaling, your sleep is always vital. A great way to prioritise your sleep is by evaluating your workload and delegating tasks to other people. Oral contraceptive pill can be delivered to you with help. This could be as simple as writing out the tasks you do each day and assigning them to staff members or a lot of business owners hire virtual assistants.

  1. Listen to your body

Nobody knows your body better than you do. If you read any book about ‘success’, you will read that you should be waking up early each morning to help set you up for the day but in reality, not everybody is a morning person. Pay attention to when your body feels tired and when the ideal wake time is for you.

Personally, I find waking up at 5 am is perfect for my body, and working earlier in the day equals more productivity but my work colleague is the opposite. She needs to sleep in the morning which equals a lot more productivity at night.

  1. Keep business hours

This point is extremely important because it is incredibly easy to skip over. When you’re a busy owner, chances are, you’re thinking of your business almost all of the time (and definitely not just in business hours) and that can lead to working at all hours of the day. When we choose to work at all hours of the day, we never truly switch off which can lead to additional stress, unhappiness, and pressure within your business.

Set ‘work’ hours and stick to them. Turn your laptop off, turn off email notifications and enjoy time by yourself and with your family.

These four tips have truly transformed my sleep which in result has led to more productive work and a happier work-life balance. If you’d like to know how we can help your business, please give us a call on (02) 4944 2000.