Client Feature – Industry Training Consultants & Agent Safe

What is your name and position at Industry Training Consultants / Agent Safe?

George Rousos Managing Director/Training Consultant and Compliance Coach.

What does Industry Training Consultants / Agent Safe do?

Industry Training Consultants is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO#45537) offering nationally recognised training to the property agents sector in New South Wales. ITC provides more than your typical training services. We act as a consultant and advisor to many real estate agencies throughout the state and can assist in the design, development and implementation of compliance systems. ITC’s sister company – AgentSafe for Real Estate is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business – in which a cloud-based software application called “AgentSafe” has been designed to assist property agents in meeting workplace safety laws, and property safety requirements throughout Australia.

Who are your employees / Colleagues?

Chris Bretherton Vet/Marketing Administrator

What are you most proud about Industry Training Consultants / AgentSafe for Real Estate?
We are proud of the fact, that our clients acknowledge we have great customer service and for nearly 20 years, consistently maintained a high standard with the delivery of our training programs. Since being rolled out in 2018, AgentSafe has made it easier for property agents to meet workplace safety laws and manage property safety requirements for owners. Overall, the AgentSafe platform is designed to make it cool, awesome and enjoyable to use. Our revolutionary product, is the first of its kind developed for the property services sector and is the missing puzzle piece of the property agency business.

Where do you see Industry Training Consultants / Agent Safe in the future?

We see Industry Training Consultants expanding its consultation arm and moving more in that space – to help improve the business operations of licensees. And more importantly, to help licensees avoid business failure at a time, when emerging risks are affecting both the property market and industry more than ever before. AgentSafe is still relatively a new product on the market, that will gradually attract more property agency subscribers, as regulators continue modernising regulatory requirements across all properties in the future. AgentSafe for Real Estate will be looking to establish long lasting collaboration relationships – with reputable insurance companies in order to grow its subscription base, whilst ensuring the property agents sector has the appropriate risk management system to maintain regulatory requirements for Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What has been your biggest challenge as a business owner?

Dealing with a specific industry, that is experiencing major operational issues in a highly uncertain environment. Other challenges we face are poor policing by the regulator, that requires strategic business planning, so we avoid any potential road blocks to achieving our goals.

How can people contact Industry Training Consultants / Agent Safe?

If you require our services, we can be contacted at the Mint Business Centre on 02 4001 0128.

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