Adam Henson - AV Living

We have been using Mint as our virtual receptionist for over a year now and we are extremely happy with the result so far – they now take all incoming calls for the business, schedule jobs and forward calls when required. Running a small family business takes up a lot of time, energy and stress, Mint has freed up a large chunk of time and taken away a lot of stress.

We have all the benefits of a professional receptionist without the need to employ a new staff member and all extra’s required to do so.
The girls are wonderful and do an awesome job.

Do yourself a favour and give them a go – you won’t be disappointed.

Damien Bray

I’ve had the pleasure of using Mint Business Centre’s Serviced Offices on two separate occasions over the past few years. One of the standout features of Mint Business Centre is its exceptional staff. The team exudes professionalism and is always ready to assist with a friendly demeanour. Their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile truly set Mint Business Centre apart.

The offices themselves are not only clean and presentable but also thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. The convenient location makes it easily accessible to the CBD and outer suburbs of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, all times of the day.

Mint Business Centre’s dedication to its clients, combined with the presentable and functional offices, creates an environment that fosters success and productivity. I highly recommend Mint Business Centre to any business seeking a top-notch, fully equipped workspace with a focus on excellence.

Amanda Pearson

I have been working from Mint Business Centre for just over 12 months and I could not ask for a better environment to work in.

Mint Business Centre is a little community – I am surrounded by good people and I still have the opportunity to form working relationships with staff and tenants. Which is a big plus for me as I work on my own.

Emma and her team offer an exceptional service and are very professional. They are friendly and always go above and beyond to assist.

Mint Business Centre provides me with my own office and kitchen facilities which is are excellent  – well presented, clean and very comfortable.

Maryville is a great location and is very convenient for all of my clients.

I highly recommend Mint Business Centre to any business.

George Rusos - ITC & Safe Agent

We are looked after very well as a tenant at Mint Business Centre by Emma and her well trained team. The risk control measures in place to reduce exposure to hazards and prevent theft are second to none. I cannot recommend highly enough Mint Business Centre for additional support services.

Greg Bell

I have recently onboarded MINT to help our office and I now see them as an integral part of our team. They are incredibly pro-active, going above and beyond and have picked up our systems and procedures very quickly. If you’re looking for a dynamic VA team that are flexible to adapt to your systems and leverage your capacity then I would definitely recommend utilising this organisation.

Terina McCann - Seed People Consulting

The staff at Mint Business are great! Their service is reliable, friendly and professional, which reflects well on our business. The team communicates well with us and our clients and don’t hold back in going above and beyond!

Cameron Bell

I have used the services of Mint Business Centre for a number of years and can highly recommend them for all business admin tasks and reception support. They are extremely efficient, friendly, professional and have been amazing in the growth of my business.

I have always had full confidence in Mint BC being the first touch point for my clients when they call and they sure do make a great first impression for my business.

I’ve since recommended other colleagues and business owners to Mint BC and they too have been very impressed by their high standard of services.

Highly recommend!!

Nikki Bohan

Emma and her team are well organised, efficient and offer a cost effective office rental solution for small businesses. They provide a secure working environment including meeting rooms, to allow companies to operate and meet clients in a professional space.

Colin Sander - CS Systems

CS Systems Pty Ltd was a small business run from home with large Corporate Clients and an international supplier and in order to operate and present as a Professional Company, we used the services of the Mint Business Centre in Newcastle. As a direct result of this CS Systems secured the business of a large Client and now has the potential to expand and grow, the future success of CS Systems started with the meeting in an office supplied by Mint Business Centre. The Mint Business Centre are truly professional, flexible and easy to work with and CS Systems will always be indebted to the team at the Mint Business Centre.

Meg Purser - Purser Corporate Communication

Mint Business Centre is an exceptional service that provides professional support for businesses within and around the Newcastle region. Purser Corporate Communication has been a client for more than 16 years during which time Mint Business Centre has provided highly professional and cost effective phone answering and administration support allowing us to get on with our job. We recommend Mint Business Centre to any organisation looking for an efficient and friendly business support service.

Maxx Electrical

Maxx Electrical has been using the services of Mint Business Centre and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and customer service excellence Emma and the team provide – this ensures people and businesses who telephone Maxx Electrical receive prompt and helpful telephone answering service, allows us time to work on our business while still ensuring the jobs keep coming in. The other bonus is Mint BC filters out the junk calls and this is a huge time saver. Should have used them earlier in our business as the most important person in our business is the person who answers the phone and Mint BC does it better than we do. No hesitation in recommending this business.

Terry Amos - Amos Air Pty Ltd

Whenever I’m busy and don’t want to be disturbed, I simply divert my phone to Mint Business Centre. My calls are answered efficiently using my business name and messages are forwarded by SMS with a name, phone number and a brief message. This personalised service is of great value to me and my customers never know they aren’t calling me directly. I would recommend this service to any busy tradesperson who wants to maximise their time with minimal cost.

Keri Clarke - NSR

NSR utilised Mint Business Centre’s Boardroom and Office Space to conduct our yearly interviews for our sports scholarships to USA colleges. Due to the nature of our interviews the staff at Mint Business Centre had to manage the flow of interviews which was done with friendliness and professionalism at all times. We couldn’t have been more happy with their service. The facilities were well appointed, modern and clean and the location was easy to find and convenient. We will definitely be using their services again.

Cassie Breasley – Learning Cloud

Emma and the team at Mint have been so wonderful. Mint Business Centre have gone over and above to help us move a business with not a hassle in one day. I highly recommend Emma and her team at Mint. I could not have done this without them. Thank you for being so welcoming to myself and my team.

Lily Hosking

I have gratitude for Mint Business Centre. The office space I utilise is beautiful, comfortable and motivtiating. The admin team at the fromt desk are friendly warm and always happy to lend a hand.   

I am especially grateful to the management team, who have not only welcomed me into the Mint family with open arms. But for the ongoing support and guidance they provide to me on a regular basis.