Mint BC & The Environment

Here at Mint Business Centre, we want to be as sustainable as possible. It’s a constant work in progress but we are proud to say we have made some big changes in the office to support the environment.

There are three major changes we have implemented recently.

Utilising bio-degradable and recyclable options where possible

When it comes to cleaning, kitchen supplies and office supplies, there have been a lot of swaps we have been able to make. From things as small as an eco-friendly spray and wipe to utilising tea towels instead of paper towel.


We noticed we were coming across a lot of office and kitchen supplies that weren’t being recycled appropriately. We are now recycling as many things as possible, including ink toners, cans and bottles and papers and cardboard.

Going paper-free

We noticed our biggest waste in the office was paper and while it’s recyclable, we wanted to cut it back as much as possible overall. To do this, we have moved to a paper-free office. All invoicing, communication and contracts are sent and completed virtually instead of paper.

We are striving to continue to improve our footprint and offer a more sustainable office. If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know!