How A Virtual Assistant Can Change Your Business

A virtual assistant is somebody who works from their own home (or office) and completes their work online or virtually. It’s basically having an employee but is a lot more flexible.

Virtual assistants can do a lot for your business but it does depend on your requirements, their skills and how you work together.

Some common tasks that are outsourced to us include:

  • Managing emails and scheduling appointments
  • Taking incoming phone calls
  • Updating website content
  • Data entry
  • Calendar management
  • Document creation and word processing
  • Creating reports and presentations
  • Social media content creation and management
  • Blog writing
  • Booking travel and accommodation

When we take on new clients, we find that it’s usually because of one of the following three reasons.

  1. Needing more time

If you’re outsourcing work to a virtual assistant, this will mean we are physically getting more time back in our schedule.

Less work for you = more time for you

  1. Wanting to achieve more and grow further

By delegating work to a virtual assistant, you are able to focus on other aspects of the business that only you are able to take care of.

  1. Missing out on opportunities

If you’re spending your time doing simple tasks such as booking appointments for clients or answering simple questions via email, you are taking away new opportunities because you don’t have the energy, time or capacity for them.

If you’re wondering how we can help streamline your business, contact us on (02) 4944 2000 for more information.