Are You Missing Motivation Within Your Business?

Whilst we are now definitely within the depths of 2021, you may still be feeling the exhaustion from 2020 (the year of bushfires, pandemics and constant business struggles).

Running your own business can be incredible at times, but as any business owner quickly learns, there are times you may struggle to find the motivation to keep pushing through.

So, what do you do when you feel like this? Maybe you feel like you’ve been stretching so much and not moving forward? You may be feeling overwhelmed, worried, frustrated and wondering if it’s worth continuing.  Well, if you’re feeling any of the above then here are some tips to help you rediscover the motivation you’re seeking.

  1. Find the reason for your motivation loss

The cause of motivation loss is usually for a reason. Take some time to reflect on the past 12 months and why you may be feeling the way you are. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Has there been any significant changes within your business?
  • Has there been any significant changes within your personal life?
  • Are you taking enough time for yourself each week?
  • Do you have enough help (within the business and/ or at home)?
  • What needs to change for you to be excited about work again?

When you’ve finished reflecting, you should have a clear indication of why you’re feeling the way you are and what needs to change for you to find your mojo again.

  1. Check your to-do list

If you need to re-boost your work motivation, you need to break your negative work routine which means checking over your to-do list.

Are there any tasks you could outsource or pass onto somebody else? Do you have enough ‘fun tasks’ on your to-do list (things you genuinely enjoy doing in your business)?

  1. Talk to somebody who has been there before

Talking with somebody who has been in a similar funk as you are right now will help you find the strength and energy to continue going. They may inspire you to move forward with your business in a way you hadn’t even considered.

You can find new people at networking groups or connect with a business mentor/ coach.

  1. Look at your achievements

Something I personally like to do is keep a ‘track record’ of my achievements. Both personally and professionally. I created a Trello Board that allows me to quickly scan through the years and quickly see all of the wonderful things I’ve achieved.

Keeping a record like this is perfect for the more difficult times within business.

Whatever the reason is for losing your motivation, you can definitely find it again!