Brand Trust In Business

We’re in a world surrounded by technology. Our customers and clients have never had quite so many choices (especially at the tips of their fingers. They’re willing to do research, compare and assess all of their options before committing.

Although, in saying all of this, customers and clients can be loyal and that’s where brand trust comes in.

A brand (and business) can be considered trust-worthy by their consumers if they:

  • Continually deliver quality products and/ or services
  • Receive good reviews, ratings and feedback
  • Charge fair, but appropriate pricing for all of their products and/ or services
  • Treat their consumers, staff and members of the community well
  • Address concerns and issues quickly
  • Are involved in their community

The benefits of having brand trust are:

  • Drives new business
  • Creates long-term relationships and creates loyalty
  • Increases marketing receptiveness
  • Builds client/ customer advocacy

When considering your business objectives and goals, brand trust should always be a priority. So, how can you build trust in your brand?

Tracking yourself online

One of the first things you should do when starting to build your brand trust is to google.

Set some time aside to look into your brand online and see what comes up. Read reviews and feedback across the internet (Google and social media).

  • Reply to all of your own Google reviews and respond to comments/ messages on social media if appropriate
  • Thank clients and customers for sharing your products and/ or services
  • Read all news and blog articles about your business. Save (to share in the future) any positive press. If you come across anything negative that can be resolved, reach out and resolve their concerns

Have a team meeting

Set a quarterly team meeting to assess the brand’s visions and goals. In this meeting, you can be sure your employees understand your plans to build trust and loyalty and set that in action.

High-quality products and services

Ensure that you are only offering the highest-quality products and services. You can do this by listening to customer feedback, assessing all issues and concerns that arise and continually assessing and testing your offers.

This also includes always offering incredible customer service. Consumers will always remember how they were treated by a brand so ensure that your consumers remember how well you treated them!

Maintain brand consistency

Brand consistency is vital. It allows consumers to see your posts or branding and know immediately who you are. This includes brand colours, logo, tone and personality. It can even include your staff uniform if you have one.

Brand consistency is relevant online and in-person (at your store, workshop, events etc).

Be yourself

Consumers want to know more about you. They want to know who you are, what your values and goals are, the story behind your brand, what you stand for and what you want to achieve.

Be authentic and tell your story because people want to know.

Building brand-trust isn’t a quick and easy thing to check off of your to-do list. It will take time and should be a long-term plan, but it is worth it.